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  • Let Plants Nourish You~36 Recipes Infused w/Certified Pure Essential Oils

    SKU: 82818

    Essential oils and plant-based foods are amazing gifts from our earth. Essential oils have wonderful medicinal properties that support overall wellness. Plant-based foods are loaded with vitamins, phytonutrients and enzymes to keep the body strong and healthy. Utilizing both regularly in your daily routine can help take your wellness to the next level. Essential oils have been traditionally used for aromatherapy and topical purposes. In this recipe book, Let Plants Nourish You, the author shows you how simple it is to incorporate certified pure essential oils into your plant-based food preparation with thirty-six delicious accessible recipes. Master one or all of these recipes for a wonderful essential oil and plant-based food experience! Spiral-Bound soft cover book. Now in Stock.

    ISBN 978-1-64316-226-3